40 Million Salmon Can't Be Wrong.. AGAIN!

40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong.. AGAIN!

Were you watching the ‘miracle of the salmon’ stories back in 2010 and 2013… the miracle is back.

First came 40 million Sockeye salmon returning to the Fraser river of the Pacific Northwest when only 1 million were expected.

Mother Nature understands some of you may have missed that lesson so she has repeated herself with another of her lessons of the fishes, this is the true story of three volcanoes.

Now you can take in those lessons via wonderful music through which you may learn, not through the difficult analytical door to your mind, but straight to your heart and soul as only music can do.

Here’s how the latest blessing of beautiful Sockeye Salmon being harvested in Bristol Bay Alaska, the largest catch in history there, teaches us a lesson about the collapsing health of the ocean pastures. At last count a few days ago the fish numbering more than 60 million had swum back to our rivers. Something wonderful happened.

Mother Nature is doing what she can to sustain her oceans. At times her blessed help comes in the form of volcanoes that explode with power of a thousand H-Bombs. Those volcanoes like the ones that erupted in 2015 along Russia’s North Pacific Coast, you know the Russia that Sarah Palin could see from her house, were the saviours of this years Bering Sea Sockeye Salmon. The Russian volcanoes erupted and dusted the Sockeye Salmon pastures with life-sustaining mineral dust at just the right time and place.

Only a few, but surely a few, volcanic dustings of mineral ash have been shown to deliver the largest returns of North Pacific salmon in history as recorded in good salmon data that goes back to about 1900. We can now add one more volcanic salmon miracle to that short list.

As this song says and Mother Nature does, ‘Teach your children well, Their father’s hell did slowly go by, And feed them on your dreams, The one they pick, the one you’ll know by…’

We are all Natures children so listen up we must also help sustain hers and our ocean fish pastures.

The greatest threat to our environment is waiting for someone else to save it!

Here’s our warm-up band if you want to listen.

This is a lesson about nature and her vital dust.

When with great rarity volcanoes erupt explosively they can cast cubic kilometers of ash into the sky. That blessing of mineral rich ash sometimes happens to fall in the right place at the right time to nurture and sustain vast ocean pastures where salmon and all of ocean life live and feed.  Think of those ocean pastures like you think of pastures on land, when the pastures are dry and dying and becoming lifeless deserts sometimes a blessing or rain falls and brings the pasture back to life. A pasture without grass can sustain little life, no herds of livestock. An ocean pasture without dust can hold no schools of fish.

Walt Whitman said it best when he wrote 150 years ago,
“All beef is grass.”

I say, “All fish is plankton.”

OK enough with the written word, on with the music. Here’s the main act of the musical show.

40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong

This video is part of my 40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong Stage Show performed with my dear friends Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright along with a bunch of other great musician friends.

You can read about and watch more of the show and learn its vitally important musical lessons from Mother Nature as I present in my naturalist stories about restoring the world ocean pastures by clicking this link.  40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong Stage Show.

The image below comes from my minds eye as when the 2008 volcano Kasatochi erupted I was not present out on what would become in 2012 my Gulf of Alaska salmon pasture. But this is how I imagined it looked and how artist Leanne Hodges who was commissioned to put the scene on canvas captured what surely occurred.

The volcano Kasatochi is located in Alaska’s Aleutian islands. It erupted in 2008 sending a dusting of life restoring mineral ash far to the South East into the Gulf of Alaska. The ocean turned from being dying clear blue desert into a lush garden of Eden. Two years later Sockeye salmon from the Fraser river near Vancouver, Canada were expected to return in such small numbers as they had repeatedly been doing in-spite of decades and hundreds of millions spent improving the condition of their native spawning rivers and streams.

While a Canadian Supreme Court Chief Justice was holding court in a special Royal Inquiry commanding all salmon and environmental experts give sworn testimony as to why and what might be done to save the salmon the fish instead of returning in the smallest number in all of history returned in numbers equal to the largest in all of history. Those 40 Million Salmon who arrived to give their testimony to the Chief Justice were welcomed but their message was ignored by the court. In spite of nearly 40 million being spent in court costs no solution was offered.

bag by bag

Bag by loving bag, dust for the ocean will restore the plankton blooms, silver salmon, ocean life, will thrive and even boom! CLICK to watch the video of how it all just works!

I not only offered that solution but delivered it in 2012 working with a tiny village of native people who once were known as the People of the Salmon. They could no longer use that name as their salmon were now all but gone. They came and asked me to help and together we became the volcano and delivered a single fishing boat load of vital mineral dust, just as Mother Nature does. We dusted the native peoples ocean fish pasture with our bags of life restoring and sustaining vital mineral dust in the summer of 2012.


emerald sea Whale Eden

Looking astern off the transom of my research ship before we began our dusting to restore the ocean to health the ocean was a blue desert. After dusting the same view revealed a beautiful emerald-green see that had become full of life.

feeding in the bloom

Feeding in a healthy ocean pasture, Once our ocean pasture had returned to health, mere days later, the great gathering of whales arrived to dine. More whales appeared than it was possible to count. The swam as much as a thousand miles to feed in their Garden of Eden.

The Kamchatka Penninsula of Russia abounds with dusty volcanoes.


Kamchatka’s Zhupanovsky Volcano erupting

This xxplosive eruption of Zhupanovsky volcano sent ash up to 8-11 km. Ash plumes extended for about 1200 km mainly to the eastern directions of the volcano. That’s right on target for the salmon pasture of the Sockeye salmon of Bristol Bay Alaska.

Several other Russian volcanoes have blessed the Salmon pastures with life sustaining mineral dust at just the right time and place as is evidenced by this years historic numbers of Sockeye salmon that instead of mostly starving were treated to a feast. They grew and grew and before too long they swam back to our rivers 40.. 50.. 60 million strong, we are still counting they all aren’t in yet 🙂

Meanwhile a tragedy of the ocean pastures commons takes place nearby.

While the far western North Pacific ocean pastures were blessed by the volcanoes, tragically the Gulf of Alaska salmon pastures that feed the Sockeye salmon of Canada lie too far to the east and did not receive their portion of vital mineral dust from those blessed Russian volcanoes. The returns of salmon in Canada this year are now being reported to be the lowest numbers in all of history. All fishing has been ordered stopped. Even the native people leadership have ordered their people to cinch their belts, and have ordered all native food fishing to cease. No healthy nutritious salmon will be provided to the children and the old people who will have to survive on the welfare aid shipments coming in boxes and cans.

We don’t need to wait for the volcanoes.

Indeed we must not wait for the volcanoes as the collapse of ocean pastures around the world has proceeded to a catastrophic state. I have proven we can BE THE VOLCANO and working as Mother Nature has taught us, using her same natural minerals, we can take the dust back to her oceans to restore, replenish, and sustain her ocean pastures. Because we know how to do this in the safe and sustainable manner we now have at hand we simply must. It is our solemn duty as living participants here on Mother Natures blue planet.

ocean pasture restoration success


My voyages of recovery for the world’s ocean pastures are signing up crew members now, join us!