The Blue Carbon Wars

I have recently weathered another skirmish in the Blue Carbon Wars

This skirmish resulted when out of the blue I was invited to be a feature at a UN Breakfast event next Monday morning at the start of the meeting of the UN General Assembly.

$18,000 had been paid to the UN hosts by a well-meaning generous benefactor toward the cost of the breakfast, the caterers were paid, all the arrangement were in process. It would be a great opportunity to share my story with the UN and the World. It is a story of hope and promise about how bringing back the fish, by restoring ocean pastures, a proven methodology, is ready, able, and inexpensively deployable to save the world starting immediately. I was also all for putting smoked salmon to be on the menu.

But it was not to be.

Those who want to prevent this simple prescription to heal and save this dying planet acted as soon as they got wind of the breakfast plan. I am left to assume they are opposed to my Mantra which says “Save the world, bring back the fish on the side” woke up.  They seem to be among those whose Mantra is all about something else. Whomever or whatever leapt, or perhaps slithered, out of their trenches of the dark net pressed yet another attack in the long running Blue Carbon Wars.

I wrote the following letter to a new friend whose great measure of wealth and influence and some guts had, out of the blue, initiated my invitation to speak at that opportune breakfast. But alas upon receiving the first volley of his experience in the Blue Carbon War blinked and withdrew my invitation.  Ces’t la vie.

For a glimpse at my history that has led me to be engaged in my devotion to large scale eco-restoration and against my will in this fomented Blue Carbon War here’s a few bits and bytes with links about your embedded war reporter.

Russ George planting trees in the early 70's

Me replanting trees on a slash burned British Columbia landscape 1973, my treeplanting company that developed on those burned barren slopes went on the plant hundreds of millions of trees. Click to read more.

Ragland video

This short video shows its not rocket science to save the world by restoring ocean pastures. One just needs a little help from their friends, in this case my friend Neil Young provided his 100+ year old Baltic Schooner ‘Ragland’ for my first efforts to learn how to restore the oceans and save the world. Click to watch the vid.

restored ocean pasture blue to green

Looking astern off the transom of my research ship before we began our dusting to restore the ocean to health the ocean was a blue desert. After dusting the same view revealed a beautiful emerald-green see that had become full of life. (No Photoshop, raw camera) – click to read more

Dear W****,

Thanks for the call yesterday. I appreciate your good will and interest in my work, this work, our work, to save the world by  doing what it takes to bring back the fish. I especially appreciate your affirmation of continued support in-spite of this set-back. As you have now experienced via the opposition to my presence in the affairs of next week’s UN breakfast there is a pressing and persistent push-back regarding this idea of ‘saving the world and growing billions of fish on the side’. The push back comes from many quarters it seems, friends and foes, ces’t la vie.

The fact that my work and ideas, nay even proof, of having the proper means to save the world at hand will now NOT be presented at the UN next week where it might have been. This is a tragedy, not for me but rather for the world. I carry on with my quest and efforts and perhaps have learned something about who is friend and who is foe. I now count you as a friend!

The sad fact is that I and my work have been attacked for some years by lies proliferated on the internet and indeed mainstream media and leading institutions of so-called higher education. All with vested interest in the ongoing high price of the climate change crisis. The internet is eternal it seems and every fake news item remains high in Google Search results for ever. Like any dutiful news service Google’s search algorithm’s first and foremost follow the #1 rule of the media “If it bleeds it leads.” Just to give you, my new friend, some facts to counter the fake news you’ve been exposed to here’s a few not so delicious appetizers.

1. During the Planktos work 2004-2007 the US EPA visited me in our office in San Francisco, spent 3 hours in talks where I shared with them every aspect and detail of our business plan and method of operation answering every question they asked until they decided they had heard sufficient and took their leave. The EPA officers were both beautiful youngish women dressed attractively though with their side arms tucked not invisibly behind their business jackets, sigh. I formally asked the officers in person and through attorneys in writing that the EPA offer me any guidance they could about any and all objections they might have to our plan of ocean pasture restoration and that they share with us any reference they could cite as laws, regulations, or policies of the EPA or other government agencies that might suggest any aspect of our work would be in violation of said rules. I made it clear that we would abide by any and all lawful rules and regulations. What more could we do as a public company subject to the rules and scrutiny of the SEC. They identified no such laws, rules, policies nor did they provide any guidance. Clearly our plans were fully and properly well within the law. Never-the-less later radical organizations published fake news stories to the contrary and the EPA did nothing to refute the fake news that suggested they had problems with our plans. Even before Trump fake news trumped the EPA.

2. The planned work of Planktos in 2004-2007 via what was a public private partnership with the government of Spain and its ocean science research facilities in the Canary Islands was interrupted when the rogue environment minister of Spain ordered the contract to be breached as our research ship was just 12 miles from it’s to be new home port in Las Palmas on the Canary Islands. He was and is known to be a long time member and supporter of Greenpeace. The same Greenpeace who had an agreement with me to lend me their most famous captain Peter Wilcox along with his hand-picked top 3 Greenpeace ship operations crew members where upon Peter and crew took command of my US registered research ship the RV Weatherbird and together we made preparations on our Voyage of Recovery.

That the greenest ship that ever sailed the seven seas with the greenest captain and crew ever were blindsided by the Greenpeace and its partner racketeer NGO’s in their media attack and campaign against the project in-spite or perhaps because of their inside involvement is history anyone can find. Only the fake news stories were ever told in mainstream media even though I personally and repeatedly shared with said main stream media the true facts. That the company Planktos was destroyed as a result and the first demonstration and proof that the world could be saved by restoring ocean pastures was long-delayed, but only delayed.

That delay lasted many years, but in 2012 in partnership tiny native village whose village is on a remote island in the Gulf of Alaska we succeeded in delivering on our promise to restore and replenish a vast ocean pasture in hope that the fish would come back as proof we could save the world. Our tiny band of indians, reported on in mainstream media as “cowboys”, saw the following year the fish come back in the largest numbers and catch in all of history every river and stream in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Those fish only became fat and healthy adults because tens of millions of tonnes of CO2 was repurposed into all of ocean life of which the fish that came back were a tiny measured part of the whole story.

Voyage of recovery

Jules Verne’s storyteller is a French marine biologist, Pierre Aronnax , like I, he is determined to learn all that he can on his ocean voyages. The ocean is in peril and something must be done to replenish and restore it to health.  Arronax and I share a common intention, as Jules Verne wrote “where others have failed, I shall not fail.” Click to read more.

Russ George Iron Man podcast story

A podcast on how to save the world by bring back the fish. The American Element is produced by a team of US ARMY RANGER officers who know what it means to take on incredible challenges leading small dedicated teams of men and women supported by the best technology but more importantly intelligent minds. A welcome to them in the Blue Carbon Wars. Click for more.


Nations of the world pay out $27 billion subsidizing their fishing fleets, according to a report by the Global Ocean Commission. This while the total value of the world marine catch is only $79 billion (FAO 2012 report). Talk about following the money, there is a better way, restore ocean fish pastures. but the privateers of the Blue Carbon Wars are out there. Click to read more.

The tragedy of course is that had the work proceeded back in the Planktos days (2006) the fish would have come back then and subsequently every year hence countless ocean pastures around the world would under caring stewardship, be restored and replenished, and be repurposing many billions of tonnes of CO2 every year out of the air and ocean. The present day crisis of climate change would have been substantially averted. But the lies, fake news, won the day as they have once again just now with regard to next week’s UN opportunity to share the story of real hope in such a prominent and important place and time, that is a true fact.

3. Regarding some of the fake news about my Canadian Gulf of Alaska work. First off the Haida people came to me asking if my ideas and efforts in partnership with a village of 800 native people might bring back their fish, they after all do call themselves ‘the people of the fish.’ Tragically their fish were all but gone. Our work together briefly brought the fish back but we were prevented from carrying on in our sustainable shepherding and care of the Gulf of Alaska ocean pastures and now the fish are gone again reported to be in the lowest numbers in all of history in most of the rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest. Of course this is because the lies again won the day. But the lies and fake news despite the efforts of perpetrators could not keep the fish from coming back as evidenced by the historic returns immediately following the work of our tiny ‘dirty dusting dozen’ who replenished and restored the native ocean fish pasture in 2012.

4. The work of 2012 was carefully and properly planned in partnership with governments at all levels, federal, provincial, community, and tribal and all of this was fully and formally documented. Never the less the fakers attacked again and and again and with the cooperation of the media have succeeded in drowning the truth with their fake news, the effect you know personally.

a. We reported to the federal government every 90 days for 6 years as to the intent of the village to engage with me to replenish and restore their native fish pasture held in common sovereignty with the federal government of Canada who was funding the development work.

b. We obtained under formal contract an agreement with the National Research Council of Canada and NSERC a 50% subsidy on all of our scientific work and expenses as fully vetted and approved before-hand by the federal review panels, that review process took more than 18 months to complete.. That’s some approval of the proper nature of our scientific plan, you know what is reported in the fake news of main stream media … we had neither a solid scientific plan nor approval. 

c. We obtained a Government of Canada sovereign loan guarantee for the funds the village and I needed for the work to be done. That sovereign guarantee should have allowed the banks of Canada to loan the village and the project the few millions of dollars needed to perform the work. But in spite of this sovereign loan guarantee the banks of Canada, and we went to them all The Royal Bank, The CIBC, The Bank of Montreal … all of them, would NOT accept the sovereign loan guarantee of Canada and loan the village and the business the money, thanks to the lies and and fake news so prevalent on the internet. The village of 800 held three public meetings over the course of year and conducted a village plebiscite vote monitored by federal observours and the village people turned out to vote in the largest turnout in village history and with the largest super-majority vote in history approved the use of a bit more than two million dollars out of the village trust fund to fund the work… The result of the the act, the vote, of faith and cash by that tiny village… Here’s a spoiler to the suspense… IT JUST WORKED…and the fish came back.

d. Long before we went to sea and after 2 years of document proper engagement the government of Canada issued the business a second sovereign financial instrument and endorsement. This second endorsement came from the Export Development Corporation of Canada which reviewed our blue carbon business plan and our methodology for producing, measuring, monitoring, verifying and certifying our blue carbon carbon credits and issue us their sovereign guarantee that in our export sales of blue carbon we could report that our product was not only approved by the government of Canada it carried an export guarantee on 85% of the face value of any contractual sales agreement. You simply don’t get a greater level of approval for a business than a sovereign guarantee of its products for international export sales.

e. Best of all the government of Canada negotiated and vetted our proposal to it under its Scientific Research and Economic Development (SR&ED) program a 42% direct reimbursable tax credit/grant that was scheduled to deliver more than $700,000 to our coffers early in 2013, that money was critical to the processing of our scientific data collection that resulted from our work at sea to not only restore the ocean pasture but to study before, during, and after inside and outside our pasture every possible ocean physical, chemical, biological, and environmental consideration…. That money never arrived in-spite of contractual promises of Canada and the reason why… The government of Canada instead sent in their terrifying heavily armed SWAT team to my small village partnership office and ocean plankton lab in downtown Vancouver to destroy the scientific collections and the business at gunpoint. More than 24 hours later the classically ‘tossed office’, the business, the lives of the good people working were all left by the departing Swat team in shambles.

f. The list goes on and on in well documented proof of our careful, proper, and fully vetted and approved plans and in spite of the many Blue Carbon War skirmishes, well the SWAT attack was more than a skirmish, we accomplished most of what we intended. Of course once we succeeded and restored the dying sovereign native people s ocean pasture to health and abundance and that would bring back the fish, the fakers and their fake news once again surfaced in the media and on the internet… The government reneged and violated the trust on all of its contractual agreements and worse the mainstream media, first and foremost Canada’s government owned propaganda machine the CBC, and blue war opponents colluded in their racketeering work to flood the world with fake news so that a practical not low cost, but profitable transformational means to save the world is at hand.

So welcome to the Blue Carbon Wars which clearly from these recent events is still underway this time in the shadow of the United Nations. This work is not for the weak of heart or of spirit.. And the ‘friends’ who take the side of caution or of the avaricious who fight to keep this blue planet under the deathly and profitable threat of ‘climate change’ they will surely continue to press their attacks. Without more help on our side the forces of evil will continue in the presentation of their lies, aka fake news, that sustains the planetary hostage crisis and planetary kidnappers demand for the deadly trillions in blackmail that will endlessly be spent, but never to deliver immediate practical, affordable, even profitable, solutions to save the world. Never has another media adage been more true… to find the true facts of a story one must “follow the money.”

That this is the Blue Carbon War is clearly and formerly stated by leading participants in the Kyoto Accord, Al Gore himself reports on the tragedy of the ‘sub-prime carbon’ scandal… here’s a link to more on the story of the climate banksters.

Let the blue carbon war go on I am largely powerless or most certainly out gunned to prevail in it ‘Mano A Mano’, but I can and I will BRING BACK THE FISH… and billions of fish can’t be wrong.. or as they used to say in the old west, ‘watch my dust’ or if you want to help and join in ‘our dust.’

The greatest threat to the planet is waiting for someone else to save it.

Russ George


We Bring Back The Fish – www.russgeorge.net

ps. There’s more than enough additional war stories to fill a book but you’ll have to wait until the fish are back and world is saved for those added chapters.