Malthusian Guy Faukes is the new Green Deep State


A Blue (Green) War Underway And It Places At Risk The Very Life Of The Worlds Oceans

Cabals of power seekers are vying for control of the worlds high seas, the only remaining territories on this blue planet they claim are without a flag.

Combatants,especially the green oligarchs, use well financed campaigns in social and science media and through so called global governance systems to perpetrate fictitious fears to justify their actions to seize power

But their goal is clear, it is power they seek, and as in all wars the life in the territories they seek to dominate is being sacrificed by the propaganda they promote

The high seas of this blue planet are not some ‘no mans land’ to be claimed by unelected cabals of a cleverly disguised yet nefarious deep state. The high seas are the sovereign territory of each and every nation, held in common to be protected in common, by the nations, for the nations, for all of life on this blue planet. Only with the protection by the laws of democratic nations as their sovereign high seas territory, albeit held in common with all nations, will our seas survive. As these territorial spoils are fought over by the green oligarchs of the blue-green war, ocean life is being sacrificed in the cross-fire.

Bearing Witness

The legal status of the world’s high seas is very well established with legal precedents as being national territories held in common yet under the authority of each and every nation. Yet the blue (gree) war is being covertly and overtly fought by organizations trying to wrest power over the vast blue part of this blue planet. Committees and sub-committees of international organizations where status is given to not only representatives of elected governments as one might expect but also to self-appointed, social media authorized, green organization scions, the green oligarchs, are seeking to rewrite the “law of the sea”.

legal planet blog

Environmental Law Schools of UCLA and UCB in California note in one case. Mainly due to vigorous lobbying by a couple of small NGOs (the same ones now outraged at the Haida project), parties to the CBD have adopted two decisions discouraging ocean fertilization, and geoengineering generally. But these are purely advisory – and are moreover so clumsily drafted that even if they were legally binding (which they are not), their operational meaning would be utterly opaque. Click to read more

Learned legal scholars of course point out that there are political agreements, noone rising to the level of treaties and rarely abided by, but the reality being no such “law of the sea” exists other than these ‘voluntary protocols.’ Further there is no legal entity to whom nations have ceded and conveyed any such ‘international law’ enforcement authority. But the ‘social media’ emboldens geopolitical warriors to believe they have the power to pirate both history and the future of this blue planet. Behind the scenes amongst the sub-committees and cabals the power grab goes on as is reported here by one prominent oligarch. The guise being that the crisis the high seas face are the crimes of the ‘usual suspects.’

Science publications are oligarchies

The majority of science publishing is controlled by just six corporations, this takeover has turned ‘peer reviewed science’ into massive profit centres that serves the oligarch owners agendas. click to read more

The ploy is that those ‘usual suspect; bad guys must be stopped and that the green oligarchs must be put into power. The change of power from ‘bad guys’ to ‘new guys’ of course derives from the bad guys having been tried and convicted in the kangaroos courts of social and science media run by the ‘new guys’. The convicting evidence being whatever propaganda has been spread, that lasted for modern societies 3 day news cycles, and then perseveres on the external internet as if fact. All fomented by the crowd/mob hiding behind their Malthusian masks of a green Guy Fawkes in the darkened chambers of the climate industrial complex.

They will not succeed. We will by, bearing witness to their evil intentions, bring the light of reason upon them and they will be prevented in their pirates plunder.

The real danger to this blue planet

Global Greening, more grass growing here in the Gobi desert means less dust blowing, and that drought of dust is turning once life filled ocean pastures into clear blue deserts. Click to read more

Today the world’s living oceans are under the worst threats they have been in eons of time. First and foremost the deadly danger to life as we know it in the oceans is dying from a deadly overdose of our CO2 already emitted in the past century of the fossil fuel/fool age. That yesterday’s dose of a trillion tonnes of CO2 is changing the ecology of this planet on land and thus also at sea.

Our high and rising CO2 is turning the Earth greener, and that additional green grass growing is resulting in less dust blowing in the winds. It is the dust in the wind that is the most rare and vital mineral nutrient for life in the oceans. Wind blown dust that lands in the ocean pastures is the equivalent to rain that falls on pastures on land. When there is a drought of either rain or dust the pastures fail to thrive and begin to turn into deserts that can support little life.

But today if one reads the media, whether mainstream or social media, one is awash with ‘news’ of the crisis of plastic debris in the oceans, of over-fishing, of the most evil of all climate change impacts, all sharing the same theme of human interference with the oceans. These usual suspects, all with a human face, are at once seen to be perfectly analogous to the faces of enemies in all wars. The first and most important rule in waging war is to identify the face of the enemy. In the present Blue War the enemy is us and those imploring us to action are haters of human-kind.

Take for example some of these common headlines. (click to enlarge)

Ocean Plastic

deep state ocean plastics

Over Fishing

deep state overfishing clips

Ocean Climate Change

ocean climate change clips Deep State

The deadliest threat to life as we know it is the lethality of yesterday’s trillion tonne dose of CO2 we have forced upon this blue planet.

As a result of our brief, century long CO2 sins of emission, life on this planet is dying out fast. Take the insects of Europe for example that are reported to have lost 75% of their numbers in just the past 27 years, they are fast disappearing due to the lethal dose of yesterday’s CO2 we humans have put into the air.

Ocean dust forests are dying

10 Regenerated Ocean Amazon Pastures Will Naturally Manage The World’s CO2 Crisis And Bring Back The Fish Cheaper, Better, & Faster than any other solution to save and feed the world.

In the oceans the trouble is far worse, as scientific reports over decades have shown the cataclysmic collapse of ocean plant life. The phyto-plankton, the true lungs of this planet, are now reported to be down by 40-50% world wide.

Those ocean plants make as much as 90% of this planets oxygen, though terrestrial-centric media and climate warriors continue to mis-report the role of ocean life as only equal to life on land. Even while 72% of this blue planet, the oceans, sustain life while only 17% of the earth that is not barren ice and rock sustains life.

The greatest mass extinction in millions of years is unreported.

In every five year period of time going back to about 1950 the scientific record shows that an amount of ocean plant plankton has been eradicated that is equal to the life in the entire Amazon Rainforest, you might know that rainforest as being widely and wrongly touted to be the ‘lungs of the earth.’ The real Amazon is in danger with 20% of that forest already destroyed. It’s plight is an international ’cause celeb’ with countless organizations rasing millions to fight to save it.

Ocean death toll

The death toll due to the war over the world’s high seas is mounting, click here if you dare to see the list of innocent life caught in the cross-fire.

All the while a dozen entire ocean ‘dust forests’ have gone silently extinct and and not even reported in the mainstream and social media as missing — the greatest mass extinction event this planet has seen in millions of years. Ocean pastures, you see, depend as much on the ‘dustfall’ as rainforests depend on ‘rainfall’. But ‘out there’, beneath that distant blue surface no one seems to see or care about the plight of the ocean pastures that have become vast ever more clear and lifeless blue deserts.

Ending the Blue Green War of a Deep State

President/General Eisenhower warned the nation and the world in the 1950’s of the danger of the emerging Military Industrial Complex and it’s ilk.

Eisenhower noted, “these monstrosities were able and were indeed buying and subverting mass media and journalists to create a false appearance of public support while they were in fact a great internal danger to democracy.”

Eisenhower warning

“As we peer into society’s future, we – you and I, and our government – must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering, for our own ease and convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without asking of the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage.” Click to read more

Today Eisenhower’s fears have come true as ‘industrial complexes’ “deep states’ are thoroughly entrenched and not just those with right-wing conservative-like appearance but evil twins of equally corrupt and entrenched factions as seen in ‘green industrial complexes’ with seemingly leftwing-like appearance.

The common feature of both military and climate ‘industrial complexes’ is that they are oligarchy’s without any democratic foundations, cabals created by scions of capitalism, selling products, services, or ‘donate here buttons.’ Their common characteristics are easily found if one just ‘follows the money’.

Is there still time to save our planet?

There are more than ample reports in the scientific community on the plight that this blue is suffering. Much of it proves that a sixth great mass extinction of life is already, or nearly, upon us.  You likely don’t want to hear any more of this dire and dismal news. In hundreds of posts on this blog of mine you will find chapter and verse of the doomsday predictions and prognosis.

You will also find here the knowledge on how our scientific efforts have not been entirely focused on detailing the doom and gloom. We have good news for the planet. We just might, if we act immediately restore our blue planet to historic health and abundance.

Just start exploring here with me how for the price of a shipload of dirt this blue planets oceans can be restored to historic health and abundance in mere years. And in case you think this is another pitch for hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars in ‘climate change cash’ and the political power being fought for over who controls that cash you will find that is not the case.

For mere millions not billions we can restore this blue planet in a few short years if we act to save the world not to only save it if we are rewarded with power and money for doing so.

Join me, there is little time left.