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And Yet It Works, Bringing Back The Fish


This is a story about fish in the oceans and how their survival is our survival. As terrestrial beings very few of us have an understanding of life on or within this Blue Planet home to fish and other sea-life. We walk, breathe, and live terrestrial lives as if the environment we experience in our dry gravity dominated world is the norm or at least most important. Of those of us who have ventured into the blue world of the oceans we’ve been primarily drawn to the regions that have abundance of bathing beauties and beaches. Amongst those ocean bathing beauties we admire most are the tropical corals and colourful fish we see on holidays or in the many forms of media that bring those beauties to our homes. What most of us don’t know is that within the vast ocean away from the shore where life on this planet first began there are cycles and ecology of life that are almost beyond our comprehension. It is life that lives in 3 dimensional liquid space without gravity or varied terrain as an influence. As the sea-life of liquid space inhabit such an enormously larger and different space than our terrestrial environment, that thin skin of soil and scant bit of air all life on earth inhabits, we have only just begun to see and understand what the majority of life on this planet is doing.

At the same time we earthlings have in the past century of the industrial and carbon age produced the element of change for all life on both on earth and in the oceans. That element of change is carbon dioxide, CO2, we all know it as the stuff of climate change and global warming but few of us know it is far more potent as the stuff of ocean change, ocean pasture collapse, and ocean acidification. As fast as our scientific models suggest global warming and climate change will over the coming centuries produce harmful r uncomfortable changes to our terrestrial ecosystems its devastating even cataclysmic impact in the oceans is measured in mere decades. We will in this book try to inform the reader of the terrible toll of CO2 on the world’s oceans and all life therein. But this is not a just a book of doom and gloom. We will also inform the reader of the wondrous ability of our oceans, that 72% of this small blue planet where life began to, with our help, be replenished and restored and with it bring back not only the fish but the future for our children and grandchildren.

This is a book about fish and how if we take care of the fish we will take care of our childrens.