OK so you want to establish contact. We like introductions, as in you first tell us who you are, what brings you to us, and why we might or ought to reply, generally the more we get to know you the more likely we are to respond.

We are very open to contact from communities who want to find out how to restore their seas and trees. Also we welcome scientific and business world colleagues wanting to learn from us or even better work with us. Academics and students and people with ideas to share – great. Fill out this contact form.

Media folks we’ve got a special page for you at Media?

russ(dot)george {at] gee mail… you fix it to make it work

Mostly we are working out of either:

Vancouver (east side), British Columbia


San Francisco (coast side), California

Sorry no telephone but we might hook up via SKYPE

Snail Mail? Never touch the stuff, let the electrons do the travelling leave the hard matter at home.