Join Us & Help

Some people want to help so we are making an effort to provide the means by which they may do so.

We can use as much help as we can get to help people discover what we are doing.

  1.  If you have a few minutes to spare please forward links to our pages to your friends via email and ask them to help BRING THE FISH BACK

  2. Every post has a set of SHARE links at the bottom to make it easy to email a post or recommend it via Social Media.

  3. Write your local newspaper or favourite blog a letter/email pointing them to our work and some of our posts and ask them to cover the story of how simple it is to BRING THE FISH BACK

  4. Contact your local political representatives and ask them to support stewardship of ocean pastures to replenish and restore them to BRING THE FISH BACK

  5. Write the government officials who manage salmon and ocean fish in your area and tell them our story to BRING THE FISH BACK

  6. Search the internet for news stories on media sites and blogs that talk about salmon and the ocean environment and tell them our story to BRING THE FISH BACK

  7. If you want to do more and have some ideas fill out the form below