Yes there are movie scripts and television proposals in hand… perplexing it is whether to favour the dramatic fictions or the reality memes.


We’ve shot extensive HD footage and are determined to see a theatrical documentary produced telling the story of bringing ocean pastures back to health and abundance.

It won’t be just another doom and gloom documentary about the crisis of global warming and climate change. Viewers will learn about why the impact of 100 years of fossil CO2 emissions has been killing off life on the worlds ocean pastures.

They will learn that the crisis in our oceans is indeed CO2 and it is yesterdays CO2 that is more critical than tomorrows CO2.

We have already emitted into the air of the planet what is a lethal dose of CO2 as far as higher forms of ocdean life are concerned. YES it matters if we keep pouring in more CO2 and emit a second lethal dose of CO2 but more if we do not provide the antidote for the first lethal dose it matters not that we administer the second lethal dose. Dying once will suffice.

Most importantly viewers will learn that Mother Nature, Mother Ocean, is resilient and she can reverse this ocean collapse with a tiny amount of help from us.

To replenish and restore the oceans we don’t need a whole new green economy that redistributes trillions in a grand global political scheme.

All we need is to replenish our oceans and convert our toxic CO2 from certain ocean death to certain ocean life is a little dust in the wind at a cost of mere millions.

We don’t need to wait decades for entirely new technologies to be invented, built, replace working technologies now in use, and start the industrial age anew.

The ocean has shown she restores herself to historic abundance instantly and when she does the fish return along with all of ocean life.

We have shown that we can mimic Nature and lend the helping hand the oceans need, give back to her so she may give back to us, all that is needed is a little dust in the wind.

Imagine your children seeing fish in the oceans at the abundance they were at centuries ago when sea captains marveled at the seemingly endless fish, the millions of whales, salmon in such abundance that they could be harvested from the sea by water wheels along the shore that would scoop the vast quantities of salmon out of the sea and send them through flumes into the hands of  the people processing them.

Join us in our story of hope, our story of truth, choose ocean life.

40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong

We will be Crowd Sourcing funding for our Ocean Life Documentary soon… watch here for details.