There is history here. 

Here is a short video of work in 2002. Yikes more than 10 years ago.

Trying to do the right thing.


40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong


Here’s video of UN Environment Director Noel Brown speaking of my work at the Washington DC press club

Here’s the economic development commissioner of the village John Disney.

Here’s is a film made by good friends way back in the day of treeplanting hippies of which looking back now I was one of the founding fathers… yikes

Do It With Joy (1976)  (You may need to click the link to the left to play)


Watch Pico’s Minifesto Video!

(The pictures from space are Pico and his kin at their bloomin best!)

The Full Plankton Manifesto – Replenish and Restore our Ocean Pastures, or else!
Here’s a video of a presentation I made at a meeting of a group called the SeaSteading Institute

Here’s me talking to Dutch television.

Here’s another part of the story


Incredible film on plankton by 19th century biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel.


More incredible secret lives of plankton revealed…