CBC Exposed!

CBC Exposed!


Chart Showing CBC News Domineering Role In Spread Of Disinformation. CBC is the tall blue column on the left on this data showing the first few weeks of their fabricated media frenzy. Click to enlarge

Shortly we’ll be presenting a more complete story of meeting the bullies of the CBC.  Our present day trials and tribulations began when CBC News worked with an extreme radical NGO called ETC Group. The CBC tabloid style news was carefully orchestrated to arrive in lock step with a story put out by the British Guardian and the success of this professionally orchestrated shock media frenzy is clearly seen by those studying Propaganda as a classical textbook case study. Indeed scholars are already well underway in their dissection of this perfect case study.

You may read more on this at a blog specifically on this Media Attack!

Here is a disquieting series of events in my encounter with the CBC.  During and after meetings in lawyers offices to discuss terms and conditions under which an interview might be granted to CBC, where they steadfastly refused to discuss any mutual terms, ultimately saying they had a right to do what they wanted, and “if we did not like what they produced, we could sue them”, we gave up in disgust at the utter lack of ethics and human dignity of the CBC.  There isn’t much more clear of a way for a mega-news corporation to act as a bully than that… or so we thought.

They went one step further. CBC’s Bully Girl Gillian Findlay staked out our office parking lot. She and a camera team unknown to anyone in the office of the Haida village company hid themselves crouching outside our office. When I drove into work one morning, all seemed like just another ordinary day, I parked and locked the car and started walking to the office door. As I approached the door, out of hiding where they had been crouched behind parked cars and trucks, springs a triad suddenly rushing toward me. I have no idea of who they could be and hasten my steps to the door placing the key into the lock. As the triad of ambushers get closer one is a tall woman with a microphone. She says something. She says she is CBC and wants to know why I won’t give them an interview. She knows of course why, as her producers have been in our lawyers offices and many times, and there have been many exchange of emails where we attempted to negotiate some terms and conditions for an interview. She is simply acting for the camera and delivering her misleading statement, she nailed it in one take.

She’s there for the “money shot” of course. Capturing me on tape startled and awkward so they can portray me as suspiciously uncooperative. She presses ever closer and as I try am entering  the door she makes a bold move to block my entering my office move to and places her hand on the door. In a moment the ambush encounter is over. I am inside and the door is closing. I begin to breath a sigh of relief then notice a sharp pain in my left hand, the last of me to get almost through the closing door. I am bleeding and there is a sharp pain. ##@!!xxx??? I mutter what an #!x%%*!… jerk!

Ah well just another day in the “fair and ethical” manner and methods of the CBC.  Hogwash they are nothing more than outrageous and as it pleases them,violent bullies. Naturally a formal report with photos of the injury is filed with the office along with the staff witness reports of the incident. CBC’s Martha Stewart evil doppleganger and highly paid bully prowls the outside of the office for quite a time, her ambush minions try to take video footage through the windows of the office… then it is over.

Complaints are filed with the CBC at various levels. The CBC Ombudsman recommends in an email that a police report be filed. Naturally such a report along with the very plain evidence of ambush and bodily harm might well result in criminal charges. But we are already in process with the CBC Ombudsman office over our complaint against CBC News and have asked the Ombudsman repeatedly to step in and intervene to supervise CBC Fifth Estate who we have explained were in bullying our village company and its people. Of course the Ombudsman later admits that had we followed her entrapping ruse and advice and filed a police report her office would then not be allowed to intervene as they are mandated to do in the “independent” role that they are suppose to have in overseething the behaviour of the CBC. Being a tiny village company we think it would be nice if we the CBC Ombudsman office was a truly independent third party arbiter helping the little guy stand harmless against the Goliath CBC News. Sadly the CBC Ombudsman office appears as utterly corrupt and lacking of ethics and human dignity as the rest of the organization. More on how this really doesn’t work  in another post….

Are we unique in this sort of treatment by the CBC … not at all. This is old hat standard practice for the CBC, read more at CBC Exposed

Watch this television interview describing the CBC Encounter a week after the ambush and attack.   TV NEWS Video


Death of the Fourth Estate and surely the Fifth Estate

The press, in theory, is supposed to safeguard democratic principles. During a parliamentary debate in 1787, Edmund Burke supposedly referred to the press corps reporting the activities of the House of Commons as the Fourth Estate. Hypothetically, the press was the champion of the public.

According to its supporters, the Fourth Estate acted as a mediator between the public and the elite. Journalists listened to and recorded the activities of those with power. An enthusiastic John Dewey believed that the public was capable of understanding and discussing policies and should be part of the public vetting process. Thus, the press would provide a forum where the people could weigh the consequences of policies being considered by those who governed. Hence, the journalist’s foremost duty was to tell the truth. But, over the years there has been an erosion of the public trust in the Fourth Estate… Edward R. Murrow must be turning over in his grave. The media has abrogated any duty to objectively inform the public. read more ….